Welcome to my Portfolio website. For any further information about the work I produce or the websites I make please get in contact to discuss further.


After completing the second year of my BA (Hons) Advertising degree at Bournemouth University and achieving the highest grade for a level 5 advertising student, I am now undertaking my placement year at Chambers Media.

I work alongside the design team, where I create adverts, artwork and media for both our clients, in-house magazines and social media accounts. I have now taken over the role as the head designer and creator for all in house and client websites alongside becoming the social media coordinator for over 8 accounts.

This website is a portfolio for all of the work I have produced.

Link to my letter received by Bournemouth University: Letter to Aaron

Client Adverts

Below is just some of the adverts I have made for our clients here at Chambers Media (including in house adverts too). Some adverts do not appear as crisp quality due to the website’s image compressing software.

  1. Shifnal Plant Advert – This advert required me to combine a large amount of text into a fairly small space – I used the brand’s logo colours as a starting point and through looking at their website, style and their approach online I was able to create their advert which was approved straight away.
  2. Tone Scaffolding Service – Any advert designer knows that when you receive high-quality images your life becomes 10 times easier. This was the case for Tone Scaffolding. They required little text and wanted a bold advert. So that’s exactly what I made for them.
  3. PJF- “Very nice & very professional”
  4. Chambers Media – This was an in house advert designed to showcase our services in a sleek, professional way.
  5. Asset Funder – Asset Funder is renowned for bringing first-class asset finance services to all areas of business & industry. Therefore I decided to keep their advert minimal.  (Also advert 9).
  6. Reach It – Move It – Crush It – This was a fun advert to produce, I was given free rein with this advert and supplied with quality images (Also advert 8).
  7. Sunward – Designed exactly how the customer wanted it.
  8. Steelwrist Advert
  9. Asset Funder – Advert 2
  10. Demolition Careers – Demolition Careers is an in-house careers site set up by myself for Chambers Media. The advert was for social media aspects and is there for magazine purposes.
  11. This is the menu I designed for our event we host called the British Demolition Awards
  12. Tru Plant – Had a conference call to design the clients advert exactly how they wanted it. They were very happy with the final outcome.
  13. Gold Star Metal Traders – A very happy client.

Other companies I have created adverts for include – RYE DemolitionRhino WasteOdour and Dust Solutions – SEE BELOW

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Logo Designs

Below is a series of logo design ideas that I have put together over time. These logos are just some of the never-ending styles and layouts a logo can possess. This includes the official Demolition Hub, Demolition Directory and EO Living logos.

Below is a series of designs I put together for a recruitment company. It shows the stages from initial deisgn ideas to the final design and colour experimentations.

Website Design

Below is a series of websites that I have designed, they range from news sites, company pages, career and directory websites. My web designing skills are slowly growing by the day and I am also starting to teach myself code.

I have started to re-design company websites alongside setting up new ones.

Media Packs

Below is a series of Media Packs that I have created for our company brands.

Executive Destinations Media Pack 2019

This is the media pack I created for the Executive Destinations brand. Executive Destinations is a new magazine covering high-end and high-interest places around the world. 

New Diggers & Dozers Media Pack

NEW Demolition Magazine Media Pack 2020 – 2021

This is the media pack I designed for the Demolition News brand. The premier source of updated information about the global demolition industry.

British Demolition Awards 2020 Media Pack

The British Demolition Awards brought to you by Chambers Media, is the UK’s premier demolition event and a celebration of all that is great about the industry in the UK and further afield.

Executive Outdoor Living – Media Pack

Executive Outdoor Living is the most regularly updated news resource for the landscape industry.

It was founded in 2016 to meet the needs of both landscapers and suppliers on an informative go-to site for news, views and video.

Executive Outdoor Living caters for every aspect of the industry, including hard and soft landscaping, but we also encompass machinery updates and landscape architecture and design.

Creative Adverts/Designs

Below are a series of adverts I created for ‘example’ purpose. They are an illustration of my advert designing skills and potential to differentiate into different sectors.


Over the past few months, I have been seriously focusing on the American brand that I look after (www.americandemolitionmedia.com). The site has since taken off and the figures now speak for themselves.

As of September 2019 the brand now sits as the 37,885th most popular website in the world and now has a United States ranking of 4,901.

Check for yourself: Click Here

To put this into perspective there are over 1,518,207,412 websites globally according to Netcraft’s January 2019 WebServer Survey. In the USA alone there are over 876.8 million websites.

What’s even more impressive is the daily time spent on the site and the bounce rate. The first image shows American Demolition Medias stats and the second is of Nikes. Bounce rate is over 20% lower and the time spent on the site is only 33 seconds less . Not bad when I had a budget of £50 compared to a global brand such as Nike…

I have slowly been building up the sites web traffic through various SEO techniques such as:

  • Social Media posts and engagements
  • Guest Writers
  • Sharing news stories across multiple platforms
  • Paid social media (small budget)
  • Focusing on keyword searches
  • Improving meta titles
  • Much much more behind the scenes